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Brit Irby


Brit Irby
 Associate Director, Innovation Bridge

Brit Irby has served the needs of youth, families, and communities for nearly two decades in various capacities within K-12 and post-secondary education systems and city policy leadership. Ms. Irby has been instrumental in developing and overseeing nationally recognized programs for youth, with extensive experience in expanded learning and intervention programming for youth of color. She currently serves as Associate Director for Innovation Bridge, where she provides consulting, training, strategic planning and various technical assistance services in partnership with school districts and non-profit organizations. She specializes in authentic community engagement, and coordination of collaborative partnerships that are meaningful and impactful toward improving outcomes for youth and families. Previously, Ms. Irby served as Coordinator of Youth Development Support Services for Sacramento City Unified School District where she led multiple district programs, cultural student conferences, and established district-community partnerships with emphasis on bringing arts education into K-12 schools. Grounded in love for community, she is committed to service that is transformative and social justice focused.

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